Christian Speakers – Why Hire a Christian Speaker

Whether it is a small gathering of teenagers or an annual marriage conference, there will be some time on your program for participants to listen to motivational talks. The event may actually have several lecture-style sessions where participants only need a pen and paper to note some points down.

Christian speakers bring the Biblical perspective to any discussion. They handle a variety of topics, in different industries, but always help participants understand the way a God fearing Christian should handle such various challenges in life.

What are the qualifications of a Christian Speaker?

Christian speakers range from actors to pastors, authors, community Church elders, comedians and members of the congregation. Nevertheless, all speakers:

– Must have a firm foundation in the Gospel. They must acknowledge Jesus and his love for mankind. This intimate relationship with Christ helps them face the audience as commanded: love one another, be patient, let all nations know about God’s love, and be a brother’s keeper.

These qualities are necessary when handling sensitive topics like lack of intimacy in marriage, teen rebellion and depression facing the world today. Thus only way to have substantial information to inspire others is by digging deep in the Word for Biblical teachings.

– Must be articulate, and courageous, to stand before a small group or several thousands of people. They may have professional training in an area of expertise, such as psychology, business administration and public speaking, but with deep-rooted faith in Christianity. They may also have professional training as Christian counselors and priests.

Participants attend seminars because they have a need, and when someone stands before them, they expect inspirational message free of malice and doubt. They assume the person standing before them has all the answers, and is the most experienced person to offer solutions. Therefore, a faith-based presentation lets participants believe without a doubt that the solutions offered are perfect.

Christian speakers use a variety of message delivery techniques depending with the topic and the audience. For example, some relationship Christian speakers come up with creative exercises for couples during marriage retreats. After each group counseling session, the couples take a break to practice the skills acquired in the group.

– Use Biblical teachings or personal experiences in their presentations. For example, married couples who have been on the verge of divorce may be keynote speakers in a marriage retreat to show troubled couples there is hope as long as they focus on God’s teachings on marriage.

Additionally, business people who have triumphed despite financial crises have the tips to help new investors get started. On the same note, former drug addicts who have overcome, accepted Jesus, and began a new life after rehabilitation, have the best personal experiences to talk to troubled youths.

Benefits of Hiring Christian Speakers

With a God fearing speaker, there is no concern about profanities and irrelevant material. It is an assurance of clean content, guided by teachings in the Bible regardless of the fact that the speaker is an actor, a comedian or a pastor.

In addition, having a Christian lead the discussion is an assurance you will achieve the objectives of the meeting or seminar. This comes from understanding that God is not an author of confusion, and there is a time for everything.

With a speaker present, as opposed to a pre-recorded message, there is interaction. Participants can ask questions, as the conference proceeds. In addition, such questions help you plan the next seminar. On the other hand, a pre-recorded tape is time-bound and the information may not be relevant to present circumstances.

You can also have several people in the panel. For example, bring together several relationship Christian speakers to cover a variety of topics. The panel could have an expert in conflict resolution, a Christian counselor with training in psychology to talk about depression and a couple in a marriage saved from infidelity.

All speakers in a panel have different presentation methods, a different personality and a different relationship with God. When they come together, they help participants discover a lot about marriage, having a relationship with God, inviting God into the marriage, and interpersonal communication with a spouse.

Since the foundation of the message is the Gospel you can find a speaker who adheres to your beliefs. There are motivational Christian speakers who adhere to the Catholic faith while others are in the Protestant denominations. Furthermore, the speaker may be experienced in inspiring a specific audience such as married couples, young entrepreneurs, teenagers or church leaders.

How to Choose the Right Motivational Christian Speaker

Know your audience

When looking for Christian speaker services, the most important element is your audience. What is the average age of participants? What are their interests? When planning a seminar for a small group, you can easily tell the demographics of your audience.

However, when dealing with a larger group, drawn from churches and communities across the state, you may require them to fill a questionnaire so you can find a speaker. Once you note down the demographics and needs of your audience, you can find someone to talk to them.

Define the objective of the seminar

Motivational speakers focus on a particular topic. If you are planning a marital crisis seminar, the speaker should have the knowledge to handle issues like intimacy and infidelity. On the other hand, when planning a seminar for young entrepreneurs, the speaker should handle topics like how to overcome fear, interpersonal communication and negotiation. With a clear goal written down, you can now look for a person to meet that goal.

Request to see testimonials from previous clients

A great speaker has a long list of recommendations after hosting successful events and seminars. If a speaker does not have a testimonials page on the portfolio or website, ask to get some before signing the contract. For most celebrated Christian speakers, their previous events are available in video form on the internet where you can browse and gauge the experience.

Overall, the greatest distinction between a Christian speaker and the rest is the message. Christianity is about hope, motivation, love, knowing more about God every day, and making Christianity a lifestyle.