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A good Christian speaker can bring a great deal to any event by engaging an audience, getting them to think and help to bring some positive energy.

Angela Alexander is just such a speaker and is moreover someone who speaks passionately and from the heart, drawing on her own life experiences in order to make her points and generally move her audiences (often to tears).

About Angela Alexander

Angela’s story is a fascinating, at-times tragic but ultimately uplifting one. She is someone who has taken the very worst that life has to deal but who has managed to come back stronger – and maintain her faith the entire time. She serves as a fantastic inspiration to us all then, and manages to relate to the audience with her open and honest sharing.

Perhaps some of her hardiness comes from her time serving with the United States Air Force as a Reserve Cargo specialist.

During this time, she was summoned to her captain’s office where she learned the worst possible news. Her family had been in a terrible car accident: killing her two eight-year old sons. To add further pathos to the tragedy, this news came to her on April Fools.

How can you possibly stay strong after hearing such news you might ask? Angela of course turned to her faith, finding solace in God and in the small mercies that she had been allowed. She shortly after discovered that both children had written her heart-felt notes shortly before they died – quite by chance. These notes included answers to many of the questions that Angela still had, and that otherwise might have haunted her forever.

Today Angela lives with her husband and children in Southern California. She co-founded Helping Hurting Hearts Heal and retired from the Air Force in 2005 to pursue Ministry full time. She is a public author, a speaker and more.

The Talk

Angela’s presentation is called Miracles in Action. It speaks of triumph in the face of unspeakable tragedy. This story is incredibly moving and not for the faint of heart, but while it is an incredibly sad story, she manages to show how there are moments of solace in even the worst of times – how you are not alone.

Angela is highly charismatic. Her passion comes across in the way she commands the stage and her story is one that you can’t help to be pulled into. We could all stand to learn an awful lot from this amazing woman. She is a fantastic communicator and has a lot of experiencing delivering this talk and others to a wide range of audiences from all walks of life. And it never fails to get everyone on the edges of their seats.

If you’re looking for a speaker who can really get you to reflect and to re-evaluate the way that you approach tragedy and challenge in your own life (she certainly has a way of putting things into perspective!), then book Angela today and you will be blown away by this tender, thought-provoking and fascinating story.


Angela Alexander


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