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Becky Baker, who bears a striking resemblance to Joanna Lumley, is a speaker who helps her audiences to become the best and most joyful and vibrant versions of themselves, all through a relationship with God. She shows how you can truly thrive when you listen to His word – and it comes across in her own shining character and contagious energy. Her presentations are among the most fun you will attend, highly engrossing and consistently uplifting and motivating.

About Becky Baker

Becky Baker describes her job as making people laugh, which should immediately give you an idea of the kind of talk to expect, as well as her own character and nature. She is highly acclaimed as a motivational speaker and also has a large amount of experience and expertise to draw on.

Becky was raised in Central America by missionary parents. She has worked as a model and an actress since 1977, starting her career in TV commercials and industrial films. Eventually she would get her own stage show: The Bessie & Belulah Comedy Show. She continues with this routine today (which critics describe as ‘side-splitting’) and it gives her the chance to travel all around the United States.

Becky is bi-lingual and has also worked as a high school teacher since 1970. She was selected for numerous prestigious awards, thanks to her ability to influence the children in such positive ways. These include Disney Teacher of the Year and UCSD Teacher of the Year. She has taught in many schools, including California State University at San Diego, the University of San Diego, Palomar College and Chapman University.

Becky offers a vivid testimony for Christ during her talks and his sustaining power – through the ‘mountaintops and valleys’ of her life. She has worked 10 years on the mission field in Belize herself, been through a near break-up of her marriage, experienced infertility, been a parent (!) and encountered numerous challenges in her career as a teacher!

Through it all, Becky has maintained her close connection with God… and not lost her sense of humor!

The Talks

Becky’s talks are powerful and life-changing. Her theme is showing you how to ‘shine like a star’ in every avenue and area of life by becoming a mirror image of Christ. If you are looking for a speaker at your event who will not only have the audience howling with laughter, but also cheering and feeling that sense of positive charge… then she is a fantastic choice. For self-improvement conferences, for team-building, for motivational workshops, or just for a fantastic and entertaining night.

Becky has performed for the Teen Challenge, Kaiser Permanente, Boeing Corporation, Executive Women International, San Diego District Attorney’s Office, ServiceMaster and many more. Her talks always go down a storm wherever she goes, and her command of the stage is something that will have everyone enraptured.

Becky Baker is a fantastic booking for any event, especially if you want your guests to feel charged, inspired and uplifted. Highly recommended.


Becky Baker


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