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Chris’ muscular frame is impressive and commanding on stage, as is his energy, enthusiasm and intellect. He speaks in a way that is highly engaging and very fascinating, drawing from a rich wealth of experience.

If you took your most energizing and motivating personal trainer, put them in front of an audience and asked them to motivate the group while speaking of their faith, then Chris Swanson is what you would get.


Chris has a fascination for ‘personal transformations’. A home invasion spurred a dramatic change in him during his late twenties, which imbued him with a passion for bringing about lasting, positive change.

Today, he coaches people in finding their true potential, helping them to radically change their minds, their bodies and their spirits. Swanson is a law enforcement officer by day, and has extensive experience that spans over two decades and numerous positions within the force. He has worked in narcotics, criminal investigation, law enforcement and more. He holds a master’s degree in public administration and criminal justice and a bachelor of applied science from the University of Michigan. He also holds a number of state and national certifications.

Another sign of Chris’ amazing strength of character is his status as four time IRONMAN finisher. Most of us would be hard pushed to finish an IRONMAN once: by to return to that again and beat it on multiple occasion takes wills of steel.

Chris is author of Tinman to Ironman and receives rave reviews from all who hear his talks thanks to the huge amount of excitement and energy that he brings to stage and his ability to entertain a room. He is personal, engaging, charismatic and fascinating to watch.

The Talks

Chris tackles a wide range of subjects. He is an ideal booking for Christian events but also speaks on numerous other subjects from sports psychology to general self-improvement and coaching.

Some of the topics he has covered recently include:

One Shot Mindset – 5 Steps to Transform Your Mind, Body and Soul

Tinman to Ironman

Charity Auctions

Biblically Based Leadership and Inspiration

Top 3 Killers of Families

The Athlete’s Mindset

Marriage and Family Bootcamp

But it is his ability to pull from all these influential areas and to deliver a speech that rouses and inspires that is truly noteworthy. He is a fantastic speaker and someone who really knows how to encourage the audience to listen intently and to get involved and invested with what he is saying. There’s

There are many Christian speakers out there but none quite like Chris. If you want a speaker who is not only intelligent and engaging but who can motivate your audience like only a 4 time IRONMAN finisher can – then look no further.

Chris has managed to raise over $500,000 at an auction event for one of his bookings and never fails to get an audience on their feet in raucous applause. He is an ideal booking for countless occasions and one that can make a huge difference to your event.

Chris Swanson

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