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J Warner Wallace delivers some of the most interesting, challenging and educational talks in the community and is a fantastic pick for a wide range of different events.


If you’re looking for someone who brings a passion for research and a knack for asking burning questions – then look no further than J Warner Wallace. J Warner has been called the ‘Evidence Whisperer’, due to his ability to dig into the evidence and the literature in order to provide compelling proof of the events in the Bible.

This approach and skill comes no doubt from his fascinating career as a cold case homicide detective. He is used to applying scientific method to assessing evidence and reconstructing a scene – and it shows.

In keeping with this theme, Wallace wrote a book: Cold-Case Christianity which went on to be a huge success. He followed this up with God’s Crime Scene and ALIVE.

His work both as a crime-scene investigator and as an author has led to many guest appearances on television. You may have seen him on Dateline, FOX News, Court TV. His work as an investigator has also received national recognition – he was awarded the Police and Fire Medal of Valor and several other honors.

Wallace was not raised Christian but rather began life as a vocal atheist until the age of 35. Even today, he describes himself as an ‘evidentialist’. Both the evidence in front of him, and his time working in law enforcement strengthened his conviction and converted him to the Christian worldview. He says that he is not Christian because it ‘works for him’ or out of convenience. He is Christian because ‘it is true’.

His work therefore focusses on the historicity and deity of Jesus, the reliable nature of the Bible and the surprisingly large amount of evidence for God and the Christian worldview. His books and talks help others to see things the same way – through his lens of criminal investigation and evidence-based analysis.

Jim makes some of the most compelling cases for Christianity and will surprise audiences with amazing facts, opinions and ideas that they likely haven’t encountered before. He is a father of four children and happily married. When not writing, solving murders or giving inspiring talks, he likes running on the beach and taking trail walks with his Corgi.

The Talks

There are a lot of motivational and inspirational talks that have a similar structure when it comes to Christian speakers. J Warner does not follow the usual cookie-cutter formula however and instead approaches things from an entirely different viewpoint. He asks compelling, fascinating questions in his talks – each of which could be a subject for a book in itself – and he delivers his arguments and points in a way that is gripping and highly entertaining.

Examples include ‘Why We Need to Stop Teaching and Start Training Young Christians’ as well as ‘Why the Appearance of Design in Biology is Best Explained by the Existence of God’.

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking, high-brow evening, then Wallace is a fantastic option.

J. Warner Wallace


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