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Jenni Carton is a motivational speaker who speaks to organizations to encourage leadership and teamwork. She promises to turn ‘critical moments’ in an organization into extraordinary outcomes. She is fantastic at what she does and has helped turn many businesses around, while spurring others on to greatness.

But Jenni is also a Christian speaker, and she brings the very same insight, passion, leadership and experience to this role to. She is able to mobilize and audience and inspire a group like very few other speakers.


Jenni is a church leader and has a passion for ‘putting feet to vision’. That means that she isn’t someone who likes speaking in generalities or abstracts but rather wants to help you to take action and to make a difference. Her speaks are moving, thought-provoking and inspiring – but they also provide actionable insight that can help to spark change.

Jenni has served as an Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. Here, she led staff and oversaw five campuses. Prior to that engagement, she also worked as Artist Development Director at the Christian music industry. She is also part of a central leadership team at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.

Jenni is a passionate leader and wants to help equip others to do the same. By helping us to affect more change in our own lives and within those around us, she is able to create ripples that reach far and wide – helping others to develop themselves and to inspire their friends and families. We all have our own God-granted spheres of influence and by maximizing our roles here, we can spread his Word and help to create happier and more productive communities.

Jenni is also a published author. Her most recent book speaks to her goals and interests in this area: Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence. She is also an avid blogger and you can find her work at www.jennicatron.com.

When she isn’t giving talks to helping organizations to maximize their impact, she also loves a cup of tea, reads a lot of books and plays tennis. She is married and the proud owner of a lovely border collie.

The Talks

Jenni’s talks and presentations revolve around helping you to inspire others and maximize impact. This is a highly motivating and inspiring talk, but unlike some presentations it won’t leave you without the tools to get the job done. This is a practical, actionable and highly life-changing event that can help to turn everyone into a better leader, friend, colleague and family member. We all have the power to bring about great change, and all that we need is the right push and the right tools to do it. That starts here!

Jenni is the perfect booking for work events, leadership seminars and intensives, team building events, corporate events and motivational workshops. She is dynamic, fascinating and clearly intelligent and passionate. If you’re looking for a talk that will have a lasting impact, she is a fantastic choice.

Jenni Catron

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