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Jonathan Evans is a mentor and a speaker who has a fantastic physicality thanks to an athletic background. A published author and a man of conviction and passion – he makes a fantastic addition to any event.


Jonathan is a former NFL fullback and has a mission to impact on athletes, men and young adults by ‘equipping and encouraging’ them in their faith.

Jonathan is a family man and also serves with his pastor, friend and father: Dr. Tony Evans. They actually wrote their book – Get in the Game – together, as a practical guidebook to living victoriously, filled with anecdotes, references and analogies based around sports. They also work together tin their local church and the national ministry.

Prior to his stint in the NFL, Jonathan studied at Dallas Teological Seminary where he achieved a masters degree in Christian Leadership. He has served as chaplain at Dallas Cowboys and co-chaplain at Dallas Maveriks. He speaks at a wide range of conferences, men’s events, banquets, youth, and FCA events. His aim is to help encourage and motivate the next generation of Christian leaders. He is married and a father of 4 – giving him plenty of opportunity to test out those leadership skills!

The Talks

Jonathan brings a very unique and different perspective compared with the usual Christian speakers. His unique experience in the world of professional sports has given him a grit, determination and discipline that many of us aspire to. He is commanding, fascinating and has a large wealth of stories and anecdotes to draw upon.

This is part motivational speech and part Christian talk – you will come away feeling charged, motivated and inspired, while at the same time having the chance to reflect. You will feel pumped, ready to get in the game and highly motivated!

Jonathan’s style and approach is one that is laced with humour and interactivity. He is bold, he is open to questions (and gives intelligent, insightful answers) and he is a fantastic addition to any church or organization.

With all that said, there are some events and groups that will particularly benefit from Jonathan’s style, including youth groups, men’s groups, sports teams and church events.

Some of the talks that Jonathan has given include: Discipleship with Jonathan, Where Are the Men and No More Excuses. These talks are each fascinating, engaging and motivating and each will make you think. It’s impossible to take your eyes of Jonathan as he commands the stage, and as he delivers fascinating point after thought provoking question.

These talks are all available to watch as videos on his website, so if you are unsure as to whether Jonathan might be right for your event, just check out his page and see for yourself. We were blown away and we are confident you will be too. Jonathan is an excellent addition to any event and one that can bring something a little different from the usual Christian speaker. Plus a fantastic boon for any members of the audience who are fans of NFL!

Jonathan Blake Evans

Former NFL Fullback

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