Marriage Ministry Speakers Organizing a Successful Christian Retreat

Marriage in the modern day has lost its regard compared to the last century. Efforts to rewrite this mistake have been put in place and among them are organized retreats. Being a pure entity nonetheless, marriage has been subjected to matters of cheating, adultery and mistrust among couples. In this article we shall be discussing marriage retreats as a tool that has proved successful in saving marriages.

Planning a Christian Marriage Retreat

Like all other events, marriage retreats involve a lot of planning to be successful in the end. The planning has always had an impact in the merit of the event and should therefore be done carefully.

A retreat would either save marriages that are falling apart or make stronger those that are up and running. To ensure a successful retreat, the selection of competent marriage ministry speakers has to be spot on. Below are some ideas you will need while planning a good Christian marriage retreat.

i. Location

You’ll need to be very selective while choosing the venue for the retreat. The place has to provide a serene environment where the couples will enjoy tranquility.

This gives way to better communication between the marriage retreat speakers and their audience. There are multiple places you can choose from. In a beach location for instance, you can book yourself a conference room in a good resort.

You could also choose a wilderness scene which has always had an upper hand in the past. This has been majorly attributed to immunity from city distractions. In this scenario, couples stay in cabins which mostly lack televisions and internet thus ensuring focus.

ii. Best Marriage Retreat Speakers

This could be among the largest contributing factors towards success and failure of the entire event.

The marriage ministry speaker has to align his or her content with fore-planned beliefs and mission. This is the step in which reputation of a speaker comes in handy.

You have to look for a Christian speaker well known for expert advice in relationships. Their content delivery has to be accurate and interesting.

It would be better to pick a marriage speaker who possesses a sense of humor. Otherwise, the couples will get bored and that will be the first step towards failure.

It’s not mandatory however to play music during breaks in the retreat. Even so, you could consult the couples about the matter. If they give you the green light, soft romantic melodies or praise and worship songs could save the day.

iii. Popular Marriage Retreat Themes

Marriage retreats involve topics that will help the couples build good marriage relationships that include God. The topics should bring them closer together and in the long run create a futuristic marriage. Below is a hunch about the retreat themes you can include in your retreat.

1. Communication

Most marriages suffer due to lack of communication between the partners. This creates room for arguments and feelings of negativity towards each other. Emotional distance grows and in the end, the parties lose touch and the marriage crawls to the line. This can be handled by topics like:

  • How can you express feelings in a sincere way?
  • How can you listen in the most effective way?
  • How far does praise go?
  • How was communication done in the Bible?
  • How and when is emotional support given?

2. Conflict Resolution

Conflicts and misunderstandings are bound to happen in a marriage. This is mainly ascribed to the difference that each partner has. In decision making for instance, major differences are witnessed among couples.

This is because each person has their own way of handling life changing situations. In this topic, the speaker could talk about finances, chores, responsibilities and child rearing.

3. Romance

This is the ingredient that every marriage should have in surplus. It helps to cultivate the growing love and in many ways to strengthen the bond.

Couples can always look for ways to rekindle their love. Additionally, it’s a God given duty for wives to submit to their husbands. Here the speaker could relate marriage to bible stories and how it came to be. Why God introduced marriage and why He has always wanted it to remain a pure entity.

4. Types of Personalities

The speaker could talk about the different personalities everyone has. How both partners could relate their personalities and take advantage of their strengths to build a better relationship. The speaker could also emphasize on how people with two different personalities can coexist with the right understanding and attitude.


Marriage retreats can set just the right mood for a relationship. Speakers can help couples take advantage of the current advanced technology for better communication. If the first marriage retreat pleases the couples, the second call will be more fruitful.