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Sandra P. Aldrich is an inspirational speaker. That’s like a motivational speaker, but with more of a lasting and deep impact!

As a teacher, a member of a grief counseling team and an experienced member of Christian ministry, she has an awful lot to offer at any event. She is entertaining, humorous and incredibly inspiring – so if you’re looking to end your event on a powerful note, or get it off to a flying start: Sandra is a fantastic choice.

About Sandra

Sandra is a woman of many talents and a storied CV. Not only is she a highly in-demand speaker, but she is also an author, president of Bold Worlds, Inc. and an MSc alumni of Eastern Michigan University. But while her qualifications and her experience are very impressive on paper, she will sooner tell you about her ‘Ph.D. from the school of hard knocks’!

If you’re looking for an experience that builds character, then try spending 15 years as a public school teacher! Sandra worked in the Detroit Area in this capacity and also on the grief counseling team for a funeral home chain. She has dealt with people from all walks of life – from helping to entertain children who often don’t want to learn, to comforting families and survivors during their darkest times.

On top of all that, you might recognize Sandra as a senior editor from Focus on the Family. She has served 9 years in Christian Ministry to cap this all off.

The Talks

In other words, Sandra has an awful lot of experience to draw upon when delivering her talks, which she does in a compassionate, warm and humorous manner. She speaks to the importance of solid relationships in life, not only with God but with family, friends and one’s self. She talks about joyful living, marriage, family issues, grief and single parenting. In short, she isn’t afraid to tackle difficult subjects but always does so in a way that doesn’t allow the tone to get to sombre and that normally drawers upon her many stories and experiences.

Sandra’s presentations tend to be very humorous and she has a warm way of drawing you in. They are joyful but also make you stop and think.

Some of her best talks include:

Bless Your Socks Off – This presentation focuses on the power of encouraging words to help others by lifting spirits, soothing emotions and restoring relationships.

Grab the Joy – A positive and uplifting talk that shows how simply embracing the best attitudes can help to make life that much easier and more enjoyable. Life is what you make of it, and what you choose to focus on.

Looking Back: The Things I Wish I’d Known When I First Married – A fantastic talk for marriage intensives and other relationship-building conferences. The title of this one says it all and audiences will be able to laugh along with Sandra’s often-humorous stories while learning important lessons along the way.

Sandra has a number of other presentations, so get in touch to find out more about booking.

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